Ada Winifred Middleton

b. 16 December 1898, d. 14 September 1958
FatherJames Middleton b. 24 Apr 1857, d. 13 Nov 1938
MotherAnnie Marchant b. 25 Aug 1866, d. 24 Oct 1919
Ada Winifred Taylor (nee Middleton).
     Ada Winifred Middleton was born on 16 December 1898 at 50 Islingword St, Brighton, Sussex, England; Ada always thought that her birthday was on 9th December and not the 16th December as stated on her birth certificate. She only found out about this when she needed the birth certificate to emmigrate to Australia. It is possible that the birth certificate is wrong.1 She was the daughter of James Middleton and Annie Marchant.
Ada was the youngest daughter of 11 children, two of whom died as infants. Her parents were rather poor. The fact that her father was deaf and dumb meant that he had difficulty getting work. There were times when her brothers would go to Race Hill to net birds to eat. In those days, there were no social security benefits for the unemployed and hence no money coming in to the family.
Ada Winifred Middleton worked in domestic service after her schooling. One of her positions was working for a Dr Shadlow and his live in cousin & housekeeper Mrs Plum. Ada's mother Annie had often helped Dr Shadlow with his confinements (childbirths). There was a boy Ambrose who sometimes came to stay with them and Ada was responsible for looking after him. One day Ada took him home to her house. When word of this got back to Mrs Plum she got very angry, saying, "One day he is going to be a famous barrister" and indicating that she did not want him mixing with people below his class. Ada told her she could have her notice and they never had anything to do with them again. However, Ada thought a lot of the boy and wanted to call her first child Ambrose. circa 1912.
Ada knew Arthur Taylor from age 14 years. Arthur worked as a milkman before WW I and he would exchange a bottle of milk for a cup of cocoa with Ada who was working in domestic service at this time. When Arthur returned from WW I he had trouble finding work. His mother said "no money, no food" and Ada used to let him in through a window to where she worked as a cook and give him a meal. Ada was still working in domestic service as a cook just prior to getting married in 1921.
Ada Winifred Middleton married Arthur George Taylor, son of George Taylor and Annie Mary Wadey, on 30 April 1921 at St Bartholomew's Church, Brighton, Sussex, England.2
Ada's Aunt Trot (Teresa Marchant) had a great influence on her. She gave Ada advice on breastfeeding and Ada's daughter Freda can remember meeting her when she was 6 or 7 years old. From 1919 until she died in 1938, Theresa was living with her sister Lily Caperon (nee Marchant) and her husband Charles Caperon. Lily's first daughter was Elsie Freda Marchant (born illegitimate in 1908) and it is highly likely that this was the source for the name of Ada's first daughter, Freda Amy Taylor (my mother!).
Mary Josephine Middleton (Dolly) wanted to adopt Ada Taylor's daughter Joyce (aged 2 or 3 yrs) after having looked after her for a month while Ada was in hospital. Ada and Dolly didn't get on so well after this!
Circa 1931 Ada Winifred Middleton and Arthur George Taylor lived at 19 Fletching Rd, Whitehawk, Brighton, Sussex, England, Unfortunately, parts of Whitehawk were remodelled in the late 1970s and Fleching Road now no longer exists.
On 25 April 1934 Ada Winifred Middleton and Arthur George Taylor lived at 19 Fletching Road, Brighton, Sussex, England.3
Ada Winifred Middleton witnessed the birth of Patricia Mary Taylor on 25 April 1934 at Brighton, Sussex, England.3
On 9 May 1942 Ada Winifred Middleton and Arthur George Taylor lived at 142 Birdham Rd, Moulescomb, Brighton, Sussex, England.
Circa 1943 Ada Winifred Middleton and Arthur George Taylor lived at 23 Hartington Rd, Brighton, Sussex, England, and lived here until leaving for Australia.
Ada Winifred Middleton and Arthur George Taylor emigrated on 24 April 1948 to Perth, WA, Australia; Their son Ron had wanted to move overseas to Canada but Australia was suggested to him as Ada's brother and sister were already there. Arthur and Ada also became interested in moving and on 24th April 1948 the family (except Freda who was the only one married) emigrated to Australia on the ship Asturias. Arthur and Ada were both 49 years old at the time. They arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia on 16.5.1948. Freda and Ron later joined them arriving in Australia on Foundation Day, June 1950.
They lived with Ada's sister Beatrice in Beatty Avenue, East Victoria Park for about six months while building their house at 84 Egham Rd, Victoria Park, and then lived on their block of land while the house was being completed. Ada was very keen to move out of Beatrice’s house as she had a difficult personality and a bit like a school marm. After their son Ron had been diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) and sent to the Wooralloo sanatorium, Beatrice got all Ron’s clothes and possessions and put them out on the front verandah. This just about broke Ada’s heart. Arthur and Ada ended up moving out of Beatrice’s house and living on their block in a tent while they built their house. This caused a wedge between Beatrice and Ada and they never really spoke again afterwards. The girls slept in this large army tent which had a bath and four beds, while Arthur and Ada slept in the newly completed laundry. A lean/to iron shed served as the kitchen with a wood stove outside. Ron, at this stage, was still in the sanatorium. Arthur worked as a painter and bought a Wolsley Hornet car in 1951/52.4
In 1949 Ada Winifred Middleton and Arthur George Taylor lived at 84 Egham Rd, Victoria Park, WA, Australia.
Ada and Arthur moved from Egham Rd to run a delicatessen in Leederville, opposite St John of God's Hospital, but this made very little money and involved long hours of work. They sold out and moved to 73 Oats St in Kewdale in about 1957.
Ada had been in Western Australia 10 years when she died of pancreatic cancer in 1958 aged 59 years. Arthur and Ada were living at 73 Oats St, Kewdale at the time. She had complained of pains but the doctors could not find anything wrong and said it was psychological. Three months prior to her death she was operated on for a suspected ulcer after having vomited blood. The doctors found cancer in her liver and pancreas and she was given up to 3 months to live. The family decided not to tell her about this and she stayed with daughter Joyce after coming out of hospital. Two weeks before her death Joyce had to take her to hospital as she was in great pain. She stayed there until she died.
Ada Winifred Middleton died on 14 September 1958 at Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, WA, Australia, at age 59. She died of carcinoma of the pancreas (7 months).5
Ada Winifred Middleton was buried on 16 September 1958 at Karrakatta Cemetery, grave ZK 122, Perth, WA, Australia.
Ada is reported to have said that there was Spanish blood in her family. Research so far has found that Ada's mother, Annie Marchant, is a descendant of a Catholic Sussex family (the Murrell's).


Arthur George Taylor b. 6 Feb 1899, d. 13 Oct 1965
Ada Winifred Middleton married Arthur George Taylor, son of George Taylor and Annie Mary Wadey, on 30 April 1921 at St Bartholomew's Church, Brighton, Sussex, England.2 


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