Freda Amy Taylor

b. 6 September 1922, d. 13 October 2009
FatherArthur George Taylor b. 6 Feb 1899, d. 13 Oct 1965
MotherAda Winifred Middleton b. 16 Dec 1898, d. 14 Sep 1958
Beautiful photo of Freda Taylor as a young girl in Brighton, Sussex
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Freda Amy Taylor was born on 6 September 1922 at 72 Islingword Road, Brighton, Sussex, England.1 She was the daughter of Arthur George Taylor and Ada Winifred Middleton.
Freda Amy Taylor was baptized on 5 November 1922 at St Bartholomew's Church, Brighton, Sussex, England.
Circa 1931 Freda Amy Taylor lived at 19 Fletching Rd, Whitehawk, Brighton, Sussex, England.
Freda Amy Taylor started work at 14 years of age in domestic service at a house for Thai students in Lewes Crescent. She trained there as a parlour maid and had to live in. She left there 12 months later for a similar job in Roedean which was day work only. Freda was later waitressing at a sea front hotel and then left to go to the Allen and West factory. She started on the drills and then trained as an engraving machinist. It was at Allen and West that Freda later met Ron Barber.
In 1942 Freda Amy Taylor lived at 142 Birdham Rd, Moulsecomb, Brighton, Sussex, England, with her parents.
Freda Amy Taylor married Ronald Leslie Barber, son of Leslie Robert William Barber and Victoria May Griffiths, on 9 May 1942 at St Andrews Church, Moulsecoomb, Sussex, England.2
In 1943 Freda Amy Taylor and Ronald Leslie Barber lived at 21 Hartington Rd, Brighton, Sussex, England, moving there when Freda was expecting Tony and living there until Margaret was 3 to 4 years old.
In April 1948 Freda's parents Ada and Arthur Taylor emmigrated to Perth, Western Australia.
Circa 1949 Freda Amy Taylor and Ronald Leslie Barber lived at 18 The Ridgeway (now Ridge View), Coldean, Brighton, Sussex, England, This was their last residence before leaving for Australia.
Freda Amy Taylor and Ronald Leslie Barber emigrated on 11 May 1950 to Perth, WA, Australia, departed Southampton on the ship Asturias, with son Tony age 6 yrs and daughter Margaret age 5 years, arriving Fremantle on 5 Jun 1950. They came to Australia with about sixty pounds and their weekly wage in England had been four pounds/week. They first stayed with Freda's parents, Arthur and Ada Taylor, at 84 Egham Rd Victoria Park. Freda went with her mother to purchase the block of land at 87 Enfield St (the block immediately behind 84 Egham Rd). Arthur and Ada had paid 50 pounds for their block just 2 years ago and it was quite a shock to Freda that hers was to cost 150 pounds. Never the less, the real estate agent showed her the plans for the suburb and convinced Freda that the price was not going to get any cheaper.
On the 13 Jun 1950 Freda signed a contract to purchase the block of land at 87 Enfield St for 140 pounds from the Estates Development Company Pty Ltd. The subdivision was called St Andrew's Estate.
One month after arrival Freda started work as a cook in a restaurant in the city (Perth) and did this for 12 to 18 months during 1950 to 1952. Work hours were 11.00am to 7:00pm for 5 days/week in Jul 1950. The money she earned went towards the building of their house.
House plans dated 20 Sep 1950 were drawn by John Treen, brother in law to Ron and Freda. The plans were approved on 29 Sep 1950.
The certificate of title to 87 Enfield St (portion of Swan Location 35 and being Lot 207 on Plan 1030 - Vol 1118 Folio 203) is issued to Ron and Freda.
Mortgages were raised on the property on 16 Mar 1951, 17 Apr 1951, 6 July 1951 to raise funds to pay for the house as it was being built.
Ron worked at building the house with the help of his brother in law John Treen (John's first job as a registered builder). They first built a small wash house and Ron & Freda lived in this while the house was being built, cooking on a primus stove and bathing Tony and Margaret in the wash troughs. The house took 2 to 3 years to build although they started living in the wash house early 1951. Everyone in England had previously rented their house so this was a major achievement for them.
During the 1950's and 60's, Freda was a home maker for the family. With the children at school she helped in the school tuck shop and the parents and citizens association (we always looked forward to the days when Mum was at the tuck shop as she always made sure we got something special for lunch). Freda was a very good knitter and made pullovers and cardigans for everyone in the family. She would often be knitting while watching television in the evenings with the family. She was very disciplined with the housework, having particular days set aside for certain tasks such as washing, shopping, vacuuming & cleaning, etc. She kept a very clean and tidy house. Freda Amy Taylor was confirmed on 6 April 1960 at St Peter's Church, Victoria Park, WA, Australia.
At various times between 1958 and 1965, Freda’s father, Arthur Taylor, lived with them as Freda's mother Ada had died in 1958 (Arthur also lived with Freda’s other sister Betty for a while during this time). Ron and Arthur would often be sitting out in the shade house having a drink after work or on the weekend. Arthur was living with Ron & Freda when he died in 1965.
The grandchildren were a source of great satisfaction to Ron & Freda. She was a wonderful Nanna who accepted everyone as they were. She doted on them, often making them breakfast (usually their favourite - pancakes) in bed! The grandchildren thought the world of her and would often tell her things that they would not tell their parents.
Later when the children had grown up she was keen to go travelling and, with husband Ron, made trips to Bali, Penang, New Zealand and the UK. However, as Ron got older he became more inclined to stay at home, not wanting to do much, which often caused frustration to Freda.
On 12 Oct 1973 Freda was issued with an Australian passport. Stamps inside the passport indicate a trip to Singapore and Malaysia in January 1974 (probably a packaged holiday to Penang), a trip to the UK in June 1976 (just before Ron's father died), and a trip to Indonesia (Bali) and Singapore in January 1978.
After Ron's death in 1990, Freda became active as a volunteer at the Harold Hawthorn Senior Citizens Centre (helping with the cooking) and at an Anglican charity shop. For many years she attended an exercise group at the Perth Town Hall called Prime Movers, and attended many free lunch time concerts there (the Tuesday Show). And, of course, her grandchildren were always dropping in, or staying overnight for their favourite breakfast of pancakes, lemon juice & sugar! She also enjoyed spending time on her garden.
Ron died in the early evening in bed at home of a heart attack. The family quickly gathered at 87 Enfield St to comfort Freda. The police had to be called initially as was routine for a death at home, but they were very polite and understanding.
Freda Amy Taylor died on 13 October 2009 at 3 Bellis Place, Belmont, WA, Australia, at age 87.
Freda died at the home of her daughter, Margaret Tobin. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April and moved in with Margaret after a period in hospital where she had an operation to create a bypass for her stomach to be able to digest food (the tumour was interfering with this) and give her some quality of life for the time she had remaining. She only started to deteriorate significantly in the last few weeks and was very calm and dignified all this time. She died at 10:30am with her children around her. The rest of the family arrived when they heard the news, and the women cleaned and washed her prior to the undertaker arriving. She was much loved by the whole family, especially by all her grandchildren. Her funeral was held at Karrakatta cemetery at 10:00am on Monday 19/10/2009 with everyone departing to the Vera Lynn song “White Cliffs of Dover”.
Her body was cremated on 16 October 2009 at Section MC, Site 17 Position 16, Karrakatta, WA, Australia.


Ronald Leslie Barber b. 9 Jun 1920, d. 14 Jun 1990
Freda Amy Taylor married Ronald Leslie Barber, son of Leslie Robert William Barber and Victoria May Griffiths, on 9 May 1942 at St Andrews Church, Moulsecoomb, Sussex, England.2


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