Thomas Alce

     Thomas Alce married Susannah Burroughs, daughter of Ralph Burroughs and Margaret (?), on 2 June 1678 at East Blatchington, Sussex, England.
There were two Thomas and Susanna ALCE families in East Blatchington at this time and it is impossible to differentiate them using just the parish register. The fact that two baptisms occur just a few months apart in both 1688 and 1694 indicates separate families rather than a remarriage. However, a will was proved on 7 March 1718 for Thomas ALCE which lists his children including Abraham. This enables the two families to be differentiated and proves the ALCE/BURROUGHS marriage as ours. It would appear that the other family left East Blatchington about 1694 to 1700 although one of their children (Elizabeth) is married there in 1711.1
The baptisms and marriages for the two Thomas and Susanna Alce's in East Blatchington are given below. Note that the parish clerk used their occupations to differentiate some of the entries. The Thomas ALCE in our family is a farmer as indicated by the above will.
Thomas Alce and Susanna Burroughs (married 2.6.1678):
13.3.1679 bap. Jane dau. of Thomas and Susanna Alce.
27.3.1681 bap. Thomas Alce, son of Thomas Alce.
7.6.1685 bap. Susana dau. of Thomas and Susana Alce.
9.9.1688 bap. Mary dau. Thomas Alce and Susan.
14.4.1691 bap. Abraham and Sarah, the son and daughter of Thomas and Susan Alce.
9.9.1694 bap. Margaret, dau. Thomas Alce, farmer, and Susan his wife.
18.4.1703 bap. John, son of Thomas Alce, farmer and Susanna his wife.
16.5.1706 buried Sarah Alce, dau. Thomas Alce.

Thomas Alce and Susanna Glidd (married 9.2.1687):
14.11.1688 bap. Robert son of Thomas and Susanna Alce.
17.6.1694 bap. Elizabeth dau. Thomas Alce, smith, and Susan his wife.

Miscellaneous (East Blatchington):
1684 bur. Elizabeth, widow Robert Alce.
22.5.1711 married William Munster of Lavington(?) and Elizabeth Alce.
1713 buried Thomas Alce.
5.2.1718 buried Thomas Alce.
27.5.1725 buried Robert Alce. (will 24.5.1725)
5.3.1728 buried John Alce.
6.3.1729 buried Margaret Alce.
11.11.1730 buried Susanna Alce, widow.
7.11.1731 married Abraham Alce and Ann Ince.
Thomas Alce left a will made on 31 December 1718 at East Blatchington, Sussex, England.1
"In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Alce of Blatchington in the County of Sussex, yeoman, being sick and weak but of sound mind and memory, praise be Almighty God, therefore do make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and form following. First I commit my soul unto the hand of Almighty God my Savior hoping through the mercy of Jesus Christ to have pardon of all my sins and my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executor hereafter named and as for my real estate I give and devise as followeth. Item: I give all that my yard land in Beddingham with the appertenance their unto belonging unto my eldest son Thomas Alce and his heirs forever. Item: I give unto my son in law William Milton one shilling to be paid him within one year after my decease. Item: I give unto Susana, wife of John Hide, one shilling to be paid her at the time above said. Item: I give unto Mary Alce, my daughter, three pounds to be paid her within one year after my decease. Item: I give unto my second son, Abraham Alce, the sume of three pounds of lawfull money of Great Brittain to be paid him at the above said. Item: I give unto my daughter, Margaret Alce, the sum of three pounds of like lawfull money. Item: I give unto John Alce, my youngest son, when he comes to the age of one and twenty years, the sum of ten shillings. Item: All the rest of my real estate that came to me by my loving wife Susana Alce, that is to say the cottag in Blatchington and the yard land with appertenance their unto belonging and also the free hold cottag in the liberty of Seaford I will and bequeath unto Susana Alce, my loving wife, to dispose at her will and pleasure after my decease to such of my children as she shall think fitt by her last will. All the rest of my personal estate I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Susana Alce whom I make sole executrix of this my last will and testament in witness here of I have here unto set my hand and seal this one and thirtieth day of December 1718.
The mark of
Thomas Alce
John Cooper, John Farncomb, Sam Younge."
Thomas Alce was buried on 5 February 1718/19 at East Blatchington, Sussex, England.
His estate was probated on 7 March 1718/19.
It is interesting to note the property which came to Thomas Alce via his wife Susanna Burroughs. She was probably the only surviving child in her parent's family as all the others discovered so far have died in childhood.

The Hearth Tax Assessment of 1662 lists a widow Ales (Alce) in E. Blatchington with two hearths. Other Alce's mentioned are:
George Alce 1 hearth West Firle.
Abraham Alce 1 hearth West Firle.
Richard Alce 2 hearths Beddingham.
Thomas Alce 1 hearth Beddingham.
Henry Alce 3 hearths Ashton in Ringmer.
It is probable that one of these is the father of Thomas ALCE (the farmer). Further research is required. Note that according to the will of Thomas ALCE he held land in Beddingham.
Note that the marriage of Thomas ALCE (smith) disagrees with that listed in the IGI. The IGI records the marriage as Thomas Alce and Susanna CHILDE, 1687 but the parish register clearly reads GLIDD.
There are a number of mistakes in the IGI listing of Alce's in Sussex. Firstly, the baptism of Margaret Alce, daughter of Thomas Alce and Susanna Childe (Glidd) has an incorrect date of 1695 (should be 9.9.1694). Secondly, the baptism of Thomas Alce, son of Robert Alce also has an incorrect date of 10.8.1649 (should be 19.8.1649). The correct entries for these are already in the IGI as separate listings anyway.

The following information may be useful for further research on Thomas ALCE:
5.4.1613 Richard ALCE m. Alce FEEVENS at Newtimber.
5.3.1615 bap. Alce ALSE dau. Isack ALSE at Ticehurst.
14.1.1616 Thomas ALSE m. Mary RELFE at Denton (8631733 59)
26.11.1616 George BEARD m. Agnes ALCE at Beddingham.
1621 Richard CAMBER m. Mary ALCE at E. Blatchington.
13.8.1627 John READ m. Elizabeth ALCE at Beddingham.
19.8.1637 John ALCE m. Anne CARPENTER at Alciston.
26.10.1640 Robert ALCE m. Elizabeth BEAN at E. Blatchington.
25.7.1654 Thomas ALSE m. Mary CARTER at Chiddingly.
3.10.1680 bap. William Alce, son of Thomas at Willingdon.
7.3.1682 bur. William Alice of Morning Mill in Willingdon at Jevington.

From the Glynde Parish Register (Vol 30 Sussex Record Soc.):
Baptisms are recorded in Glynde to Henry Alse & Anne (1661  1663), Henry Alce & Judith (1699  1701), Joseph Alce & Susan (1699  1709), William Als & Mary (1743  1754). Also,
1.6.1617 Thomas Alice junior of Beddingham and Jeane Peirce of Glinde were married.
20.2.1657 bap. Joseph son of Henry Alice of Ringmer & Anne
29.12.1661 bap. John son of Henry Alse & Anne
12.1.1664 bap. Henry son of Henry Alse & Anne
18.2.1662 Thomas Alse buried in Glynde.
4.4.1681 Henry Alce buried in Glynde.

The following information comes from the Beddingham parish:
10.11.1631 Robert ALSE married Joan HOWELL
23.8.1638 bap. Thomas, son of Robert/Jane
23.8.1638 bur. Joane, wife of Robert Alse
7.10.1638 bur. Thomas, son of Robert Alse
This may be the Robert ALCE that married Elizabeth BEAN at E. Blatchington in 1640.
Robert and Elizabeth ALCE
NOTE: This family is included for interest only  not as part of the family tree. Robert and Elizabeth were candidates for the parents of Thomas ALCE but have now been discounted.

Robert ALCE
Death: 19.4.1665, East Blatchington, Sussex, England.
Burial: 22.4.1665, East Blatchington, Sussex, England.
Elizabeth BEANE
Baptism: 13.10.1622, E. Blatchington, Sussex, England.
Burial: 1684 (?)  see will 1684.
Age: 61 to 62 years
Parents: John BEANE
Family Details
Date of Marriage: 26.10.1640
Place of Marriage: East Blatchington, Sussex, England.
Bridegroom Age:
Bride Age: 18 years
bap. 12.12.1641 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
Elizabeth bap. 13.8.1643 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
bur. 24.9.1656 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
Ann bap. 24.11.1644 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
John bap. 31.5.1646 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
bur. 24.8.1646 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
Robert bap. 1.8.1647 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
bur. 22.9.1654 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
Thomas bap. 19.8.1649 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
m. 9.2.1687 Susanna GLIDD, E. Blatchington.
bur. 1713 E. Blatchington (?)
John bap. 27.7.1651 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
bur. 11.4.1668 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
Edward bap. 4.12.1654 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
bur. 24.12.1654 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
Mary bap. 11.3.1656 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
Robert bap. 31.7.1659 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
bur. 27.5.1725 (?)  could be burial of Robert, son of Thomas and Susanna Alce.
Henry bap. 22.1.1662 E. Blatchington, Sussex.
.......... bur. 13.10.1664 a child not baptised.

It is probable that Robert and Elizabeth Alce are not the parents of Thomas ALCE who married Susanna BURROUGHS but are the parents of Thomas ALCE who married Susanna GLIDD in 1687. This conclusion is based on three points:
1.     Thomas ALCE who married Susanna GLIDD was a smith.
2.     Elizabeth ALCE's will refers to her "stocke of iron and coale in the shop"  probably a blacksmiths workshop.
3.     The first two children of Thomas ALCE and Susanna GLIDD were named Elizabeth and Robert.
These facts are strong evidence for Robert and Elizabeth ALCE of E. Blatchington being the parents of Thomas ALCE (smith) and not Thomas ALCE (farmer). The family is documented here to assist with future work.

There are no Alce's recorded in the East Blatchington parish register before the marriage of Robert and Elizabeth in 1640. There is a gap between Robert and Elizabeth's marriage and the baptism of their child Elizabeth which could indicate another child possibly born in the parish of Robert's parents. The IGI records a Joane Alce, bap. 12.12.1641, E. Blatchington but no parents are given. This could be one of Robert and Elizabeth's. I did not pick this up in the parish register but could have missed it. Stuart Noakes included her in Robert and Elizabeth's family (see correspondence from Ron Olding).

The following information comes from the Beddingham parish:
10.11.1631 Robert ALSE married Joan HOWELL
23.8.1638 bap. Thomas, son of Robert/Jane
23.8.1638 bur. Joane, wife of Robert Alse
7.10.1638 bur. Thomas, son of Robert Alse
This may be the Robert Alce that married Elizabeth Beane.

Elizabeth Alce died in 1684 and left a will (E. Sussex County Record Office reference A37 XA 26/25/9). It refers to daughters Ann and Mary and sons Thomas and Henry. There is also a will for a Robert Alce who died in 1725. This is thought to be Robert (b. 1688), son of Thomas Alce (smith) and Susanna (i.e. not related as far as is known, see details for Thomas and Susanna Alce).

Elizabeth Alce's will reads:
"In the name of God Amen, the sixth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred eighty and four and in the six and thirtieth year of the raign of our Sovraigne Lord Charles the Second by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King Defender of the faith, I Elizabeth Alce of the parish of Bletchington in the County of Sussex wi..(?) being weak in body but of sound and (?) memory (praise be given to God for the same) and knowing the uncertainty of this life on earth and being desirous to settle things in order do make, constitute, ordain and declare this my last will and testament revoking and making void all wills by me formerly made and declare and appoint this my last will and testament in writeing in manner and form following. First I commit my soul unto Almighty God my creator hoping that I shall receive full pardon for all my sins and be saved by the precious death and merritts of my blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buried in such manner as to my executor hereafter named shall be thought me..(?) and convenient. Item I give unto my son Henry Alce one great joyned chest, two pieces of pewter one which is marked E.A. and another of the largest, one silver spoone of the largest, two payr of sheets one payr of them of the fine flaxen sheets and the other payr of middling ordinary sheets, one payre of holland pillowcases, two tablecloaths one of them a short fine tablecloath the other a good ordinary middling tablecloath. Item I give unto my daughter Anne Bradford and her husband Robert Bradford twelve pence a piece and to their daughter Elizabeth two shillings and sixpence to be paid within three months next after my decease. Item I give unto my daughter Mary Alce ten pounds of money to be paid unto her within five months next after my decease and my largest gold ring, four silver spoons not of the best nor the worst but as they shall arise, one downe bed, two downe pillowes and one downe boulster(?) one flocke bed lyeing under him(?) and flocke boulster and one feather boulster with one payr of blanketts and one coversett, one payr of the best green curtains, seven payr of sheets which are not in use to be taken according as they will arise, one fine holland tablecloath, one long fine tablecloath, three other ordinary tablecloaths, one long fine tablecloath, three ordinary tablecloaths, one long fine towell and five ordinary towells, two payr of the finest pillowcases, half a dozen of napkins, one of the diaper and one of them damaske the othe four of the new ones which are good, ten peices of pewter as large as they will arise out of my house one with the other and four (?) two of the biggest sort and two of the smallest sort and halfe the iron things in the house to be equally divided between my said daughter Mary and my executor hereafter named. I also give my daughter Mary my biggest brass kettle and one little brass kettle, two brass skilletts, one warming pan, one iron dripping pan, four chests one of them a great joyned chest standing in the inward chamber under the window the other three as they shall arise, three joyned stooles two lowe square ones and one long one, one great press and the table and firme(?) in the chamber, ten milke bowles, one charne, one dozen of white trenchers(?), two porrengers and the newest pewter chamber pott, all my wearing apgell(?) both linen and woollen and the box which it lyeth in. Item I give unto my sonn Thomas Alce all the rest of my goods cattell .heffs and all my stocke of iron and coales in the shop and else where whatsoever whom I doe make and ordain fully whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament in witness where of I have here unto sett my hand and seale the day and year first above written. Elizabeth Alce her marke. Memorandum, I also give unto my daughter Mary three peices of new cloath which I appointed for myselfe, six pounds of flex tire(?) and a brass chafeing dish, one trundle(?) bedsheddle(?) and a feather pillow with a new white tick(?) and one blankett
.......(?) signed published and declared to be the last will and testament of Elizabeth Alce in the presence of George Wood his marke, Joan Marten, John Marten."


Susannah Burroughs b. 23 Sep 1660
Thomas Alce married Susannah Burroughs, daughter of Ralph Burroughs and Margaret (?), on 2 June 1678 at East Blatchington, Sussex, England


  1. [S245] Will of Thomas Alce of Blatchington, Sussex, England, 31 Dec 1718, proved 7 Mar 1718/19 (East Sussex County Record Office, PBT 1/1/50/80C).