Anne Forde

b. circa 1755, d. 1809
     Anne Forde was born circa 1755 at Sussex, England.
There are two possibilities for the baptism of Anne Forde in the Ringmer parish register:
5 Apr 1752 Anne dau. Thomas and Mary Ford.
2 Aug 1747 Anne dau. John and Mary Ford.
The 1747 baptism is the only baptism recorded for John and Mary, yet there are many baptisms for Thomas and Mary Ford, and also a John and Sarah Ford at this time. However, there is also a baptism for parents John and Sarah on 22.3.1747 indicating that John and Mary were probably a different family and not just an error in the register.
The family of Thomas Ford and Mary (nee Weller) (m. 16 Mar 1737/38 at Wartling by lic. "both of Ringmer") were:
Mary bap. 24 Jun 1738, Ringmer (m. William CLARK, 23.10.1768, Ringmer, (witness Thomas Foord, Edward Finch))
Thomas bap. 25.7.1740, Ringmer
John bap. 20 Apr 1742, Ringmer
John bap. 11 Mar 1742/43 Ringmer
James bap. 6 Apr 1744 Ringmer
Edward bap. 9 Jan 1746/47, Ringmer
William bap. 1 Jul 1750, Ringmer
Anne bap. 5 Apr 1752, Ringmer
Charles bap. 19 Oct 1755, Ringmer
The family of John and Sarah Ford (married Westmeston 18 Feb 1734/35, "both of Ringmer") were:
William bap 1738 (bur. 3.5.1758, Ringmer, age 19 years).
Sarah bap. 8.5.1743, Ringmer
Elizabeth bap. 22.3.1747, Ringmer (bur. 31.7.1749, Ringmer (?))
Fanny bap. 27.6.1749, Ringmer
A number of baptisms in Ringmer are recorded to a John Foord between 1759 and 1775 (no wife mentioned). These are Philly (1759), Mary (1771), John (1773), Sarah (1773), William (1775).
A search for all marriages contained in the Sussex Marriage Index (about 90% complete) of Ann Ford's between 176585 found eight marriages including the one to Thomas Taylor. The most likely marriage for the other Anne Ford born in Ringmer was in Waldron to Thos. Hunt on 25 June 1769. The other marriages were considerable distances from Ringmer. Further research is needed but it looks likely that Anne, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ford, born 1752 is the one that married Thomas Taylor.
Latest News (21 Jan 2015): Sussex Quarter Sessions, Settlement Orders and Cases 1661 -1749. A catalogue edited by M J Burchall from the Quarter Sessions for East and West Sussex, Parts I to III (1977-1982) of Settlement Orders and Cases 1661-1749 has an entry for Thom Foord + wife My [Mary]; John, William. Isfield to Ringmer. Lewes 1747. Note that there was a Thomas Foord and Mary (nee Alchorn), married 1725 at Isfield, having children baptised in Isfield between 1735-1753. A connection between the Fords in Ringmer and Isfield is looking likely.
Anne Forde married Thomas Taylor, son of Abraham Taylor and Ann (?), on 1 December 1780 at Ringmer, Sussex, England. The marriage banns were read on 1st, 8th, and 15th October 1780.
The Sussex Marriage Index has another possible marriage:
Thomas Taylor married Anne Hart 23 Jul 1777 at Framfield. There are two subsequent baptism at Framfield:
01 Nov 1777 Daniel Tayler son of Thomas Tayler and Ann
01 Nov 1777 Fanny Tayler dau. of Thomas Tayler and Ann
There are no more baptisms at Framfield. There are also no obvious burials for this family at Framfield.
Further work needs to be done to discount this family.
The family appears to have moved from Ringmer sometime after 1786. The parish of West Firle is likely as their son Abraham settled there. The baptism for Sarah (1789) at West Firle was found in the East Sussex Baptisms Index (M. Burchall Collection). The word "paupers" was written against the entry indicating that they did not have to pay the baptisms tax.
Anne Forde died in 1809 at West Firle, Sussex, England.
Anne Forde was buried on 26 January 1809 at West Firle, Sussex, England, "wife of Thomas."1


Thomas Taylor b. 16 Oct 1757, d. 1823
Anne Forde married Thomas Taylor, son of Abraham Taylor and Ann (?), on 1 December 1780 at Ringmer, Sussex, England. The marriage banns were read on 1st, 8th, and 15th October 1780. 


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