Dorothy Edith Etherton

b. 28 September 1921, d. October 1994
FatherFrederick Jeffree Etherton b. 1889, d. 1961
MotherViolet Carrie E Marchant b. 4 Nov 1890, d. 1969
Dorothy Edith Etherton c1945
     Dorothy Edith Etherton was born on 28 September 1921 at Brighton, Sussex, England; Date of Birth from GRO Deaths Index.1 She was the daughter of Frederick Jeffree Etherton and Violet Carrie E Marchant.
Dorothy Edith Etherton also went by the name of Dorry.
Dorothy Edith Etherton married Desmond Joseph Greer in 1944 at Hastings, Sussex, England.2
Dorothy Edith Etherton married Robert William Lucas in 1980 at Chichester, Sussex, England.3
Dorothy Edith Etherton died in October 1994 at Hove, Sussex, England, at age 73.4
Helen Fenton (nee Green) writes: Dorothy was quite close to her sisters, Vi and Molly. They would do their knitting and watch English soap operas together, Coronation Street and Crossroads! Even though I was only a few years old, I do remember this phenomenon quite well! Even the theme tunes to these ‘ghastly’ television programmes have stuck in my mind! They cooked the most delicious Sunday roast dinners! I can taste the gravies, Yorkshire puddings, the crispy roast potatoes and all the other perfectly-prepared vegetables as I write! At Christmas time, the mouth-watering mince pies they made were crafted from pastry to die for! There were brightly-lit Christmas trees, always superbly decorated…and there was snow, yes SNOW! Living in Africa, the sight of freshly-fallen, crispy-white snow is something that I will never again take for granted, as I am certain neither would you…. But, on the contrary, picture this: Brighton Beach, lots of funny-looking piers.. and these huge, ugly black pebbles that hurt your feet as you trundle along the shore-line in your flip flops, scrunching your lilly-white toes as they try to establish a firm foothold on those pebbles… that’s enough to send anyone packing for Perth or an African Safari don’t you think? Perhaps a bit of humour for us to consider!
Dorothy also loved her Guinness! She was very ‘glamorous’, always looked very striking and pretty and she was extremely artistic and creative. She taught me how to paint with water colours when I was four years old. She loved dogs and had two white poodles. She used to have them groomed quite regularly and they would come back from the dog parlour full of ribbons and bows! I used to feel quite sorry for them at the time, since I felt that they really weren’t comfortable all dolled up like that! Nevertheless, Dorothy was a force to be reckoned with. No one would dare cross her for fear of a tongue lashing! People also seemed to have eaten a lot of corned beef in those days! Dorothy used to make me corned beef sandwiches when I was staying over at her house…I absolutely hated corned beef!
A strong and determined lady was Dorothy, and she would take nothing lying down… Desmond, on the other hand, was quite a softie… He was also very creative, and was very involved in his music. He owned a pink Kombi van that was used to carry all the band equipment around. This sticks in my mind as I could never understand why the van had to be pink and not a more masculine colour! Sometimes, he would play in various pubs around Sussex and take me along with him for the ride, so to speak. At age five, I wasn’t allowed in any pubs of course, but, I would play outside at each venue and ask Granddad Des if I could have a Cadbury’s Dairymilk chocolate and a glass of Babycham! The chocolate was never a problem, but I wasn’t allowed the Babycham! But, instead, Des would bring me a champagne glass filled with lemonade with a small cherry on a toothpick, nicely arranged to look like a real Babycham, and I used to enjoy this tremendously! Des always had an ‘alternative’ image, set of behaviours and dress sense. He was quite theatrical, very arty and rather nutty actually! I absolutely loved him to bits and he and I were very close as I was his first grandchild. My uncle, David Greer, was also involved in music and played guitar. His musical style was more along the lines of singing and playing ballads. I don’t know much more about David except that he first married a lady by the name of Val, around the same time that my mother married Tom. David and Val had two sons, Martin and Marcus. They were then divorced and David remarried a lady by the name of Linda and they had at least two daughters, Kelly and Kirsty Greer. Denise may be able to enlighten us further here. Denise and David never really saw eye to eye, hence, again my lack of knowledge here.

Family 1

Desmond Joseph Greer b. 14 Jul 1921, d. 1971
Dorothy Edith Etherton married Desmond Joseph Greer in 1944 at Hastings, Sussex, England.2 

Family 2

Robert William Lucas b. 26 Sep 1914, d. Oct 1999
Dorothy Edith Etherton married Robert William Lucas in 1980 at Chichester, Sussex, England.3 


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